Benefits of a Smaller Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplace in the interior of the scenery

At Comfort Solutions, we’re proud to be a leading company in the modern fireplace world. Our custom fireplace options offer a perfect combination of traditional elements and modern aesthetics, making them perfect for people in a wide variety of living situations.

One such group? Apartment dwellers, who are on the rise in recent years. In some apartment locations, fireplaces or inserts are hard to have due to space limitations – but this is where a smaller electric fireplace can be beneficial. Let’s look at three great reasons to invest in one of these smaller options.


A recent poll found that over half of all homeowners and apartment dwellers redecorate their space at least once a year. No matter how much space you have, a smaller electric fireplace option gives you tons of flexibility when it comes to this kind of redesign. It can go against the wall like a traditional option, or it can take a more modern spot on a coffee table or bookshelf. You also get more flexibility in your lifestyle, as this kind of fireplace doesn’t require you to run to the store for new logs every time you want to have some friends over and light a fire.


In addition, these smaller electric options are very trendy today. They’re perfect accents for various rooms, with a huge variety of styles and color schemes available. They can serve as focal points in certain rooms or background items in others.

Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps best of all, the smaller electric fireplace allows you the warmth and ambiance of a great fire with minimal effects on the environment. Electric fireplaces do not emit harmful substances like carbon monoxide, meaning they don’t require a chimney for ash and smoke to escape the space.

For more on why a smaller electric fireplace might be great for you, or to learn more about any of our modern fireplace options, speak to the pros at Comfort Solutions today.