Breaking Down Gas Vs. Electric Fireplaces

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When it comes to a modern fireplace in the home, present-day homeowners have a few different choices. In many situations, this boils down to a decision between two major options: Electric or gas fireplace?

At Comfort Solutions, we have a wide variety of numerous custom fireplace options for your browsing. Let’s look at a few factors that separate gas and electric fireplaces.


If your home has a gas line already, you can likely install a gas fireplace without making any other modifications to the home. If not, you’ll have to also purchase a propane tank as part of your installation – this will increase your cost and can take up some extra space. For this reason, homes without an existing gas line might be best served to look at electric options.

Gas fireplaces also require proper ventilation to make sure all occupants of the home are safe. Electric fireplaces simply plug into wall outlets, however.

Safety and Heat

Because electric fireplaces are wired in the factory, their primary safety elements do not depend at all on installation. Fires are more likely to occur with a gas fireplace, which uses actual flames, but the rate of accidents and fires with both styles is very low in today’s day and age.

One common concern for homeowners with children or pets is the way gas fireplaces become hot to the touch. Electric ones do not do so. However, on the flip side, for those looking for actual heat generation from their fireplace, the gas option is far more effective here.

Home Value

This is one area where both gas and electric fireplace options provide similar value: Both can help raise your home’s resale price down the line. The presence of any type of fireplace in the home can increase home value by up to 12 percent in some cases.

For more on gas versus electric fireplaces, or to learn about any of our options, speak to the pros at Comfort Solutions today.