Buyer’s Guide for First-Time Fireplace Owners

buyer’s guide fireplace owners

Are you buying the first new fireplace of your entire life, or your first in many years? Are you worried about uncertainty with modern fireplace technology and choosing the wrong type to fit your home’s needs?

Never fear – the professionals at Comfort Solutions are here to help. We have a wide variety of modern fireplace options for you to choose from, plus experienced professionals who can walk you through every question you have while informing you of the benefits associated with our various choices. Let’s go over a general buyer’s guide with some tips and approaches for those looking to start their purchasing process from the ground up.

Choose Location

First and foremost, you want to choose the location of your fireplace. The first big decision here is inside or outside – we have a number of great outdoor fireplace options for you to browse, using both gas or wood options.

From here, select your specific location. Many indoor fireplaces are situated in central locations in the family room or communal areas, though some choose to install fireplaces in a master bedroom or another space. If you’re installing outdoors, be sure to consider any weather elements that might impact the operation of the fireplace.

Choose Fuel Type and Technology

Your next area of business will be looking into fuel type and the sort of technology used to power the fireplace. There are three broad options available here:

  • Gas fireplace: Perfect or those who want a mix of convenience and limited maintenance, gas fireplaces are turned on with a remote control or wall switch. They’re powered by propane or natural gas, meaning there’s no ash or soot to clean up after each use. These models, when placed indoors, draw air from the outdoors through combustion systems, sending all combustion byproducts back out so indoor air quality does not suffer.
  • Wood fireplace: If you enjoy the aroma and warmth from a traditional fire, and are willing to put in just a little more time for it, a wood fireplace is just the thing for you. While these options are not quite as efficient or low-maintenance as gas fireplaces, ash cleanup is very easy and this is the most authentic fire format out there.
  • Electric: For vent-free, highly safe options, the electric fireplace is a great way to go. They don’t require any venting, meaning installation is cheap and simple, and they can be placed in a variety of locations very easily.

Choose Fireplace Style

There are also a few distinct styles to choose between:

  • Traditional: Fireplaces meant to bring romance and traditional elements using realistic logs, flames and embers.
  • Modern: Contemporary options available in several minimalist styles, these options are highly varied.
  • Fireplace inserts: For older fireplace areas, you can transition the space into a heat creator with a gas fireplace insert. These inserts are meant to be installed directly into existing wood fireplaces, making them more efficient and aesthetically pleasing in one shot.

For more on a guide toward buying your first fireplace, or to learn about any of our modern or traditional fireplace options, speak to the staff at Comfort Solutions today.