Choosing the Best Fireplace Type for Your Home, Part 1

best fireplace type home

A fireplace is often the central focus point of a given area or even the entire home it’s being installed in, and this means it’s important to choose a type that best fits your needs. Whether you prioritize warmth, comfort, ambiance or a variety of other fireplace characteristics, there are several good options available.

At Comfort Solutions, we offer a wide range of custom fireplace options, from our modern gas fireplaces to wood inserts, electrical options and numerous others. We also offer several choices in terms of style, surround and mantel selection. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over every factor to consider when thinking about installing a new fireplace – starting with today’s part one, featuring the different fuel style options available to you.

Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are likely the most common options available today, and with good reason. Gas is an abundant resource that burns cleanly and easily, offering you convenient fire services with just the push of a button. There is no need to collect wood, and gas fireplaces are far more efficient than traditional wood burners can ever be.

In addition, gas fireplace installation is a breeze even if you’ve never had such a system in your home. As long as your home has any gas appliances – and virtually all modern homes do – you can have one of our technicians extend a gas line to your fireplace, and you’re all set. You can also use a liquid propane tank that’s outside the home to power the fireplace. These options provide warmth, ambiance and a level of control many homeowners love.

Electric Fireplace

Another highly convenient and simple option is the electric fireplace, which doesn’t even require venting of any kind. Rather, you just plug it into an outlet and switch it on, then enjoy the realistic flames without any of the traditional fireplace hassle. No chimney needed, no gas line, no cordwood.

Wood Fireplace

The most traditional fuel format for fireplaces is wood, and some people still enjoy this classic option. But despite wood being easily available and a great nostalgia option, it’s very inefficient and can create a sizable hassle in terms of venting, chimney maintenance and several other areas. You can get virtually all the same benefits of a wood fireplace using other technology that’s simpler and better for the environment.

Outdoor Options

Whether in the form of a fire pit or full-on fireplace, there are also outdoor options. These are great for improving the atmosphere and welcoming feel of your back yard, especially for those who regularly host social events. Our team will help you choose the perfect outdoor fire option if this is your desire.

For more on choosing the best fireplace type, or to learn about any of our custom fireplaces, speak to the staff at Comfort Solutions today.

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