Electric Fireplace Style Options

Electric fireplace in the interior of the scenery

If you’re looking to install a new modern fireplace in your home, you have a number of options at your disposal. Even if you’ve already chosen an electric fireplace option, you’re still only partway to finalizing all the relevant design areas.

At Comfort Solutions, we have a number of custom fireplace options depending on the aesthetic you’re looking for in your home. Here are a few of your placement options when it comes to an electric fireplace, and which might be best for your preferences.

Built In

For those who aren’t looking for a renovation process but still want the look of a built-in fireplace, there are options available. There are fireplace choices that look build in but can actually sit on the floor or be installed in a corner. For traditionally styled homes, some built-in looking options even have elaborate mantels or come with sets of bookcases for either side. Other styles are made to look like furniture, and some can even hold items on top – these are perfect if you think you might want to move the fireplace around every now and then.


Perfect for the middle of a given room, a standalone electric fireplace can disperse heat throughout the room. These often come with a cast-iron style exterior, which gives them a notably antique feel. On the other hand, some standalone options can be found in modern cubes that go very well with a more updated look.

Wall Mounted

Another option is a wall-mounted electric fireplace, and these are generally for the more modern homeowner. They generally have a basic glass border, and can usually fit into smaller spaces where a traditional fireplace might be just a bit too large in a normal situation.

For more on selecting the right style of electric fireplace, or to learn about any of our custom fireplace options, speak to the pros at Comfort Solutions today.