Essential Fireplace Buying Guide, Part 2

essential fireplace buying guide

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the initial tasks and themes you should be considering when considering buying a new fireplace. While the process doesn’t have to be complex or stressful whatsoever, understanding a few important basics can help you make the best purchase for you and your family.

At Comfort Solutions, we can help you follow all the proper steps when considering the purchase of any of our custom fireplace options. Today, we’ll look at the back half of this process – a few spatial details to consider, plus how to proceed when you’ve finalized your desired style and size and are simply looking for the best place to purchase it.

Measuring Time

Once you’ve chosen the style and fuel type you’re planning to utilize for your new fireplace, it’s time to consider the size and space available to you in the room or area where it will be placed. This is the case whether you’ve decided to install a fireplace or a fireplace insert.

The errors made here on either end of the spectrum can range from uncomfortable to costly. Fireplaces that are too large for a smaller room space can make the room very hot during use, while the inverse – a fireplace that’s too small for a large room – can lead to people being cold. And that’s without considering the aesthetics, which are damaged by going with a unit that’s too large or too small. Take the time to fully assess the space available to you in your desired area, and speak to our experts about what the proper size options are for your based on this and other factors.

Visualize the Space

Beyond simply measuring the space, however, you should also take the time to visualize how the area will look when the fireplace is actually installed. Will you be making additional changes to the room, such as wallpaper on the edge of the fireplace area or a television on the mantle? These and many other popular design formats should be considered well in advance, as they might dictate several of the details you choose in terms of style and size.

Where to Buy

Finally, you’ve gone through your full selection process and are ready to make your purchase. Where and how do you do it?

The name of the game here is speaking with authorized fireplace dealers like ours. We can give you specific information on everything from the installation to the maintenance and safety of your fireplace, plus can fully handle all installation needs for you rather than you risking self-installation. Instead of going to an impersonal big-box store that mostly leaves you to fend for yourself, trust experienced fireplace professionals.

For more on the process of choosing a fireplace, or to learn about any of our new fireplace options, speak to the staff at Comfort Solutions today.