Fireplace Services in Bountiful, Utah

Are you searching for high-quality fireplace services and products in Bountiful, Utah or a nearby area? You’ve come to the right place. The team at Comfort Solutions Fireplaces has been providing Utahns with all their fireplace needs and services for years, ensuring not only beautiful and functional fireplaces, but also assisting with heating and home comfort in several related areas.

Whether you’re looking to convert a previous fireplace space into a gas format, install a new fireplace area from the ground up or arrange services for your fireplace, we’re here to help. We offer a variety of fuel choices, plus mantles and other design elements. Call us today to learn more about what we’ll do for you.

Fireplace Solutions Offered

We offer a huge range of fireplace materials and solutions depending on your needs. We stock each of the following:

  • Gas inserts: For those who have a previous fireplace space but want to convert it into a gas-powered format that comes without ash, soot or other hassle areas, we offer convenient gas inserts for an affordable price.
  • Gas fireplace: We also will install a brand new gas-powered fireplace in any designated area of your home, with several options available in terms of specific style.
  • Electric fireplace: For those looking for high levels of efficiency and who don’t mind a tiny bit of upkeep, we offer electric fireplace options as well.
  • Outdoor fire: We provide clients with a wide range of fire pits, tables and other outdoor items.
  • Mantels: No matter which fireplace you’ve chosen, we have several mantel options for aesthetics and tying the space together.
  • Stoves: We also stock gas and wood stove materials for those in need.

Upkeep and Repairs

In addition to our wide selection of fireplace materials and fuel sources, we’re proud to provide long-term fireplace repair and maintenance services for any of our models. We assist clients with everything from standard tuning and upkeep to significant repairs needed, ensuring your fireplace not only works well and safely, but also avoids raising your energy bill in the process.

Our Professional Team

Whether you’re looking for new fireplace solutions, repairs or any of our other services, know you’ll be receiving them from one of our friendly, experienced fireplace technicians. All our employees and products are NATE-certified, plus carry the proper insurance coverage to work within your home.

We’re also proud to offer transparent, honest pricing that helps us build relationships with our clients. We’ll never upsell you on useless products; we’d prefer to help you meet your needs and gain your repeat business as a result.

For more on any of our fireplace services in Bountiful, Utah or surrounding areas, speak to the staff at Comfort Solutions Fireplaces today.