At Comfort Solutions Fireplaces, we’re proud to serve as your one-stop shop for all fireplace services in and around Roy, Utah. Whether you already have a fireplace area in your property and just want to convert it, need a new fireplace installed or are even building a new home and looking for a fireplace build, we’re here to help.

In our years in business, we’ve provided hundreds of Utah clients with quality, long-lasting fireplace solutions. We stock fireplace options in multiple fuel sources and styles, allowing you to achieve whichever sort of design and cost level you’re targeting. Our team will be happy to provide you with more information on any of our fireplace products.

Numerous Fireplace Solutions

As we noted, we offer fireplaces in several varieties:

  • Gas or electric: The two primary fuel styles for modern fireplaces are gas and electric, and we offer both in high-quality options. Gas fireplaces are versatile and can be installed virtually anywhere, while electric options are both durable and low-maintenance.
  • Inserts: Many of our clients already have a fireplace area available in their home, but want to convert it into a gas fuel format. For this purpose, we offer quality gas inserts for an affordable cost.
  • Outdoor heating options: From fire pits to various tables and other options, we’ll help you set up an outdoor fire area as well.
  • Stoves: Gas and wood stove options abound in our stock room.
  • Mantels: We’re also here to help with fireplace design and aesthetics, including a variety of gorgeous mantels to complement the fireplace itself.

Future Maintenance

On top of providing numerous fireplace options, we also offer full service on all of our solutions. Our basic maintenance services will help keep your fireplace in great shape for many years at a low cost, and we’ll also provide simple repairs or tweaks for any needs that come up. We ensure your space is not only functional, but also safe and comfortable at all times.

Experts in the Field

Whether you’re receiving a large installation or a standard maintenance session, you’ll be greeted by our fireplace experts who are both well-trained and experienced in the industry. We do not allow any staff members to go to work in your home without required certifications and insurance coverage, plus insist that all our technicians maintain our transparent and honest pricing structure that puts the client first.

To understand why we’ve built long-lasting relationships with many clients who come to us time and again for all their fireplace needs, call our pros today to learn about any of our fireplace services in Roy, Utah.