Popular Spring 2019 Themes for Fireplace Design, Part 2

spring 2019 fireplace design themes

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over a few of the spatial design concepts that are all the rage for many homeowners this spring. Fireplace design trends evolve just like many others in popular culture, and as the centerpiece of many homes, they’re important to track if you want to keep up with the times.
At Comfort Solutions, we have all the modern fireplace options you need to bring a chic, trendy space to your home. In today’s part two, we’ll go over a few light- and color-related themes that are also doing very well in recent months, plus show you how they might fit for your new fireplace remodel.

Natural Light Themes

Particularly if you’re considering a larger fireplace option, or one that’s particularly wide within any set of dimensions, utilizing natural light throughout the accompanying room is a fantastic option. Some of the most beautiful fireplace rooms are those featuring large or even floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing sunlight to filter in throughout the day and set the mood.
If you’re installing a brand new fireplace and get to choose the location, one great tip is locating it fairly close to the window area. This will help showcase the beauty of the piece even when it’s not on, providing light to reflect off its various components.

White Color Contrasts

Another color-related area that many people consider is the white contrast. In many fireplace rooms, dark tones tend to set the foundation – darker floors, upholstery, and even the outlines of the fireplace are all examples.
To contrast this, consider white feature sin certain areas. White accent pieces or paint colors for your primary hearth can help draw the eyes to a layered texture, while a white mantle or surround really helps the darker fireplace stand out against the light.

Accent or Framing Lights

Another light format that can increase the brightness in the room is the addition of accent or framing lights around the mantle area. There are many pot lights or spotlights that are perfect for these areas, generally coming in adjustable formats that allow you to slightly alter which direction they point in depending on the mood you want to set. Not only can you highlight the fireplace itself, you can accent things on the mantle or hearth – family pictures, commemoration plaques or any other important items you place in this valuable area.
In addition, these kinds of framing lights will supplement natural light when there isn’t much to go around – such as on cloudy days or during the evenings when you still want to set a light mood.
For more on spring trends you can consider when thinking about remodeling or purchasing a new fireplace, or to learn about any of our contemporary fireplace options, speak to the pros at Comfort Solutions today.