Popular Spring 2019 Themes for Fireplace Design

spring themes fireplace design

Spring is a time of year where many homeowners look to renovations or upgrades, and the fireplace is just one area that you may consider. Fireplaces aren’t just for cold weather, after all – they’re design and social centerpieces in many homes, and their aesthetics can be just as important as any warming qualities.

At Comfort Solutions, we boast a wide variety of modern fireplace options for you to choose from if you’re thinking of adding a new fireplace or renovating an older one. Like many other interior design and aesthetic areas, fireplace trends tend to change over the years – let’s spend this two-part blog detailing many of the current 2019 styles that are popular for fireplace renovations, from spatial themes to color selection, brightness and much more.

Floor-to-Ceiling Fireplaces

One major component of modern interior design style is the desire for uniform, direct vertical lines. Rooms with tall ceilings are all the rage these days, and these kinds of lines and patterns can help showcase the vertical size of a room.

When it comes to a fireplace design, you can customize things directly down these lines if you wish. Fireplaces are perfect as a room centerpiece, one that connects with tile, wood or wallpaper to form a full, floor-to-ceiling design element that grabs the eyes. This style is particularly popular in taller rooms, as we noted, but also works in standard-sized living rooms that need a focal point. We’ll help you find the perfect finishing material as well.

Wall-to-Wall Units

Take the same theme we just discussed above and flip it 90 degrees – voila, you have another popular fireplace design style. Wall-to-wall design themes are becoming more and more popular in several home areas, most notably wall-to-wall shelves, racks and similar materials.

Once again, you can build this theme into your fireplace design easily. Incorporating a fireplace area into the middle of a wall-to-wall space helps break up any minor monotony that may have begun to show up, plus avoids wasted space in the room. Between this and the practicality of a wall fireplace, you can transform a given room quickly with this format.

Drywall Customization

For those who are looking to replace an old finishing surface, such as brick, stone or another down these lines, using drywall is both economical and aesthetically pleasing. You can customize basic drywall in various colors around your new fireplace insert, or around an existing fireplace if needed. You can turn worn down, faded finish surfaces into modern, sleek-looking areas that draw eyes to your fireplace instead of pushing them away.

For more on some popular 2019 spring themes for renovating or installing a new fireplace in your home, or to learn about any of our custom fireplace products, speak to the staff at Comfort Solutions today.