Primary Fuel Source Options for New Fireplaces

fuel source options new fireplaces

When it comes to a fireplace installation in your home, few elements are more important than the fuel source that will be utilized. Fire can be initiated and burned using several different sources, and which you choose for your fireplace plays a role in everything from the cost of regular fireplace use to environmental factors, maintenance needs and how involved you have to get in each individual fireplace use.

At Comfort Solutions Fireplace, we’re here to help if you’re unsure which fuel source to request for your new fireplace. We offer every major fuel option available on the modern fireplace market, from gas fireplace solutions to electric fireplaces and a wide variety of traditional wood-burning formats. Let’s take a quick look at each of these fuel sources and the characteristics that define them, plus what you can expect when going with any of them for your new fireplace installation.

Gas Fireplace

When it comes to convenience of use and general simplicity, you can’t do much better than a gas fireplace model. This format allows users to quickly and easily turn their fire on and off using nothing but a switch of a button, with most modern options also including features that allow for adjustment of flame size and overall heat output.

You’ll either receive a remote or an installed wall switch with a gas fireplace – or sometimes both. Gas fireplaces are also extremely efficient, with natural gas connecting to your home through a basic utility connection. Others may choose to utilize propane gas from an LP tank, which can be refilled by an LP provider as needed.

Electric Fireplace

For those looking to prioritize versatility and affordability for their fireplace, especially one they’ll use often, the electric option is increasingly popular today. This is largely because electric fireplaces don’t require any wood or gas for use, and they also don’t even require venting – this makes them easy to install anywhere in the home, as well.

Know that electric fireplaces do not produce real flames, but rather impressions of them. They can connect to any outlet or can be hardwired into the home. They create radiant heat that’s completely controlled by the user, with no need for fuel storage or replenishing.

Wood Fireplace

Finally, for those interested in the classic fireplace type that’s also renewable and low-cost, the wood fireplace is always available. Wood fireplaces offer powerful heating that often help reduce home energy costs significantly, and can be used with paper and kindling or fire-starting logs if desired.

Now, naturally, wood collection will be a minor concern for those who purchase wood fireplaces. However, there are numerous easy sources of wood cords, with oak and maple serving as some of the best options here.

For more on the fuel sources available for your new fireplace and their primary characteristics, or to learn about any of our custom fireplace options, speak to the staff at Comfort Solutions Fireplace today.

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