Replace Your Fireplace

Replace Your Utah Fireplace

If it’s time to replace your existing fireplace, trust the expert team at Comfort Solutions to handle the job for you.

Maybe you are ready to remodel your space or update the décor. Or perhaps you have grown tired of the effort required for using a wood-burning hearth. Either way, Comfort Solutions has the simple, affordable options you need when you want to bring your fireplace into the 21st century.


We are northern Utah’s fireplace experts. We provide a full range of design, installation, retrofit and replacement services, along with comprehensive maintenance and repair. When you want the highest quality craftsmanship and exceptional service for an affordable price, call on Comfort Solutions.

Top Reasons to Replace an Existing Fireplace

Some homeowners chose to replace an existing fireplace because it no longer fits their needs or their lifestyle. Others elect to replace or retrofit an existing hearth because theirs is outdated in appearance. Maybe you prefer a more contemporary, updated look, or you have better things to do with the large expanse of space your current fireplace takes up.

Other homeowners want to enjoy the warmth and glow of a real fire without the time, hassle and mess associated with a wood-burning fireplace. You may be tired of chopping wood, building and stoking the fire, and cleaning up the buckets of ashes that result. Or you may simply want to enjoy a fire without inhaling smoke and pumping particulates into the air.

Whatever your reasons may be, our team of expert designers and installers can help transform your existing space into something you’ll love.

Options for Fireplace Replacement

Depending on your objectives and your price range, we can provide multiple options for you to consider.

A full fireplace replacement might sound involved but, in most cases, it’s a quick and easy project that won’t break the bank. If you want to replace a wood-burning fireplace with a natural gas or propane model, the project becomes even easier.

Easier still – and more cost effective – is to retrofit an existing hearth with a wood or natural gas fireplace insert. This project can take advantage of your existing chimney for wood-burning models or, if you convert to propane or natural gas, we can vent it elsewhere and seal off that drafty old chimney.

Call on Utah’s Fireplace Replacement Experts

Comfort Solutions specializes in the replacement, renovation and retrofit of existing fireplaces, including wood-burning, natural gas propane and electric models.

For 20 years, we have provided highly personalized service to our customers. We strive to keep our pricing as low as possible and we always recommend the most economical solutions to help you achieve your goals.

With hundreds of five-star reviews from our many satisfied customers, you can rest assured that our team will provide the most responsive, value-added service in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about us or to request a personalized consultation and cost estimate for your Utah fireplace replacement project.