Safety Tips for Outdoor Fireplaces

outdoor fire pit

At Comfort Solutions, we’re here to provide you and your family with custom fireplace services for any part of your home. For many people, the preferred location for an enclosed fire place might actually be outside.

All new fireplaces require a few safety considerations, especially if you have children in the home, and these change in certain subtle ways when the fireplace moves outdoors. Here are a few basic safety tips for an outdoor fireplace.


First and foremost, always observe any fire ordinances in your area, which can apply even for an enclosed outdoor fireplace. Various cities, towns or localities might have fire bans for certain parts of the year, and these can come with hefty penalties if they aren’t observed. They’re also typically for a sound reason, so observe these.


If extinguishing doesn’t take place automatically with your new system, or if fire ever spreads and needs to be extinguished, practice the proper approach here. Use a prodding device to spread ashes throughout the surface area of open fire, then take a small container of water and gently pour it out over the ashes. Always make sure you have a water container present during a fire.


All fires should take place at least 10 feet away from any major structure or combustible surface, including chairs or tables. If the fire is larger in size or there are children around, consider adjusting this to 15 feet. Another tactic many parents take while children are present is the creation of a physical line or barrier – this will present a visible roadblock to them approaching the fire too closely, which can be enormously dangerous even if, once again, the fire is enclosed behind a glass barrier.

Wind and Debris

Many of our products have glass wind deflectors meant to improve operation during windy conditions, but during high-wind conditions, always be sure to keep a careful eye out for any embers that may blow around. Also always be sure to clean up leaves and any other flammable debris from the area near the fire, as these items could ignite if embers do happen to leave the pit area.

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