Steps for Cleaning and Maintaining Gas Fireplaces, Part 1

cleaning maintaining gas fireplaces

When it comes to simplicity and convenience, gas fireplaces are some of the top options available today. In fact, gas fireplaces are so easy and convenient that it can be easy to forget that they do still need the occasional bit of upkeep and maintenance – though even these areas are about as simple as can be.

At Comfort Solutions, we offer a wide range of gas fireplace materials and installation services. Our expert technicians are also happy to provide you with some basic tips and expertise when it comes to caring for your gas fireplace – just a few very simple tasks performed every so often will bring you years of additional life and quality. This two-part blog will go over some of the basic steps that go into cleaning and otherwise maintaining a gas fireplace.

Safe Glass and Firebox Access

The number one priority during any and all gas fireplace maintenance: Safety, which begins with properly accessing the area to get started. To begin with, ensure the fireplace and gas valve have been turned off, and make sure there’s no active heat coming from the area whatsoever.

From here, remove the decorative front of the fireplace, including the safety barrier screen that’s present to stop you from making contact with any hot glass. Finally, carefully pull off the glass assembly following all instructions laid out in the owner’s manual. If latches are used to hold the glass in place, they should easily un-latch without any binding risks. Once glass is removed, lay it down on a soft, clean, level surface.

Cleaning Glass

Some basic tips when it comes to cleaning and assessing your fireplace glass:

  • Check the entire surface of the glass for any scratches, which can lead to losses in strength and even glass breaking during heating or cooling in the future. If you find any scratching or other significant damage, call our team for glass replacement and do not use the fireplace until this process is complete.
  • If glass is free of damage, wipe down both sides with a soft cloth and a dedicated fireplace glass cleaner. Never use non-approved products here, and avoid abrasive cloths or other materials that may scratch the glass.
  • Also check the gasketing on the glass assembly – if it’s worn down or damaged, it may require replacement to maintain a proper seal between the glass and the combustion chamber.

Cleaning and Inspecting Firebox

The simple steps involved with cleaning your firebox include:

  • Remove all dust and dirt from the inside of the firebox or logs. You can use either a vacuum or a soft paint brush.
  • Using these same items plus perhaps a soft cloth, clean the base and valve cavity area of the outside of the box to remove dust and limit odors.
  • While you’re performing these tasks, keep an eye out for rust, flaking or soot concerns, plus check the pilot assembly for any soot or flame blockages that may stop the burner from igniting.

For more on maintaining your gas fireplace, or to learn about any of our modern fireplace options, speak to the staff at Comfort Solutions today.