Themes for Spring Fireplace Mantel Design, Part 1

spring fireplace mantel design

Spring is here, and for those who change up their home’s décor and aesthetics based on seasons, this is an exciting time. There are numerous areas of the home that can be transitioned into spring and summer themes, and one that’s especially versatile this time of year is the fireplace mantel.

At Comfort Solutions Fireplace, we’re proud to offer not only high-quality custom fireplace options, but also a wide variety of fireplace mantels to tie the entire room together. We’re also happy to offer tips and expertise on fireplace mantels and spring décor – there are numerous designs and themes available, but this two-part blog will narrow them down to a few of our favorites you might consider as we move into the warm part of the year.

Statement Foliage

Spring is a great season to emphasize flowers and related themes, and one great format here to kick things off is what we’d refer to as statement foliage. We’re talking a wreath, garland or some similar large item that will define much of the rest of the design – it will sit directly above the fireplace as the central piece on the mantel, and other designs within the room will be coordinated based on it.

In other cases, fireplace owners may choose to drape a simple evergreen garland over the front of the fireplace. This is a minimalist theme that emphasizes nature and the green color, also complementing neutral colors in other areas of the room.

Other Flowers and Blooms

If you use statement foliage as part of your mantel design, this leaves open numerous complementary avenues for other floral concepts. There are so many different color options when it comes to flowers in spring, from white and cream to pink, yellow, peach, blue, red, orange and more.

Even if you don’t go with statement foliage, flowers are a great way to touch off your mantel design. Early spring flowers that do well include lilacs, ranunculus, roses and peonies, with soft hues that help you transition over from winter into the warmer part of the year. Later on in spring, consider tulips, poppies and cornflower with bright colors and accents.

Spring Wall Colors

Another fantastic theme for the mantel and surrounding areas of the room is re-painting certain walls with complementary spring colors. If you’ve gone with foliage of any kind already, choose a color that’s in the same family or complements this foliage properly. Used as a backdrop, spring colors on the wall are an ideal contrast for the flowers and other bright designs you’ll be placing front and center.

For more on how to design a fireplace mantel with spring themes in mind, or to learn about any of our mantels or modern fireplace options, speak to the staff at Comfort Solutions Fireplace today.

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