What Makes Electric Models Efficient


If you’re looking for a modern fireplace option, a custom electric fireplace is often one of the first areas you’ll consider. Electric fireplaces come with a number of benefits, from cost and simplicity to ease of installation.

At Comfort Solutions, we have a wide range of electric fireplace options for you to consider. One of the benefits we take the most pride in when it comes to these options? Their energy efficiency, which is at the top of the list when it comes to various fireplace options. Let’s go over some basics as to what goes into making electric fireplaces so efficient.

Basic Numbers

When you use a wood or gas fireplace, you’re losing a huge percentage of the energy that’s created during the first – up to 60 percent in most cases. This means a huge amount of heat and other output being put into the atmosphere, plus the waste of natural resources to burn these fires in the first place.

Electric options, though, come with none of these concerns. They generate the same amount of renewable energy as they consume, meaning all the energy they generate is turned directly into heat using nothing but a basic outlet.

Zone Heating

The primary way this is done in an electric model is through what’s called zone heating. You spend most of your time in just a few areas of the home, meaning that heating isn’t always necessary for every area. Electric fireplaces help heat important rooms more efficiently and faster than other fireplaces, and often faster than even your home’s furnace. Zone heating is an eco-friendly option that comes on all our electric fireplace choices.


Another big benefit is the way electric fireplaces allow scheduling, something that isn’t possible with other fireplace types. Our electric options come with timers for up to six hours, plus a remote control and various heat settings you can use.

No Greenhouse Gasses

Wood and gas fireplaces produce carbon monoxide, which is both bad for the environment and dangerous to humans if not filtered properly. Remove both these concerns with an electric option, which produces no carbon monoxide whatsoever.

For more on why electric fireplace options are a great choice for efficiency, or to learn about any of our fireplace choices, speak to the pros at Comfort Solutions today.