Gas Log Sets

You don’t have to chop or stack wood to keep the fire going. Comfort Solutions offers convenient alternatives to keep your home warm and cozy. In fact, we transform hearths to fireplaces with our energy-efficient log sets. Our log sets are a convenient way to have a fireplace inside your home, as they offer warmth without the mess of soot and ashes.


Unlike traditional hearth wood, log sets are easy to use. Gas logs, for example, only use a gas burner and fake firewood to get the fire going. Just press a button, light a fire, and enjoy a comfortable temperature without having to do the extra work. As a bonus, you don’t have to restock the firewood to maintain ambient temperatures.


Compared to other wood-burning units, gas logs are easier to maintain. You don’t have to stack logs at home or clean up once the fire is out. Moreover, since you don’t need to use firewood any longer, you can prevent the spread of termites.

Gas logs are safer than firewood; sparks rarely fly from gas fires. Also, if you run out of wood, you don’t have to leave the house; just add more gas to light up another fire.


It’s better to burn gas than wood. After all, burning firewood releases more pollutants into the air, which overburdens the environment. Gas logs are a “cleaner” burning option since liquid propane and natural gas release fewer pollutants that don’t create creosote buildup (a byproduct that can trigger house fires).

Update your existing fireplace to a cleaner and safer alternative. Comfort Solutions is a trusted provider of log sets in Salt Lake City. Call us today for more information.