Ascent 36

The Ascent 36 is an ideal combination of functionality and beauty to maximize space in your entertainment area. It has a shallow depth that allows more versatility for different installations, such as corner applications. The Ascent 36 offers exceptional design with smooth, clean lines that will impress.

Plasmafire Vent Free

When looking for a gas fireplace that fits any contemporary design, you have the answer with the Plasmafire Vent Free option. The installation process is seamless, and the modern look is enhanced by including a Topaz CRYSTALINE™ ember bed and a slate brick panel. It can add the perfect element to your Salt Lake City home while providing excellent energy efficiency.

TruFlame Direct-Vent Luxury Fireplaces

Direct vent gas fireplaces can be an excellent choice if you want to heat your home without using the central heating system. These work by bringing in air from outside to support the fire and then expelling the resulting exhaust through a pipe. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, they are a great choice. The technology produces a high amount of flames and ember glow while minimizing emissions.

Altitude™ X Series

If you’re looking for a traditional gas fireplace in Salt Lake City, Utah that can do wonders with limited space, the ALTITUDE™ X SERIES can complement your home significantly. It has a clean design with various features available for customization. You can efficiently operate them using a mobile app for your convenience at any time, making your home a place of luxury and comfort.

Ascent™ Multi-View

With its clean face design, the gas fireplace efficiently heats large areas while keeping the fire as the main attraction. There are various options for firebox styles and an electronic ignition with a backup battery. If you want to enjoy the look and feel of a fireplace no matter where you’re sitting, this is a unique option.

STARfire™ 52

The STARFIRE™ 52 is a unique gas fireplace that uses advanced burner technology to provide a variety of heat outputs through direct venting. The design produces a sizable, focused flame that fills most of the firebox and creates a soothing ambiance with a lovely glow inside. Create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece with this gas fireplace for your Salt Lake City, Utah home to amaze your family and guests.


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