At Comfort Solutions, we’re your one-stop shop for all new and custom fireplaces. Our wide selection of modern indoor and outdoor fireplaces will fit any needs you and your family might have, and our expert technicians will get them installed with no hassle to you.

That’s not all we do, however. Comfort Solutions is also here to provide several other services, from inserts to gas firepits. One such service? Gas barbeques. As a primer on these products, here’s how you should go about cleaning one of our gas BBQs after you’ve purchased it from us.

Scrub Grates

The first step is to take a good grill brush and scrub each of your grates. This should be done after every use anyway, but during cleaning, take this time to make sure you really remove any extra chunks or meat flesh. If needed, use the metal scraper on the brush. Once this is done, take the grates out and scrape the bottom as well. Then, set them aside for the next step.

Burner Protectors

Burner protectors are thin, right-angled panels of metal meant to protect your burner mechanisms from grease and other clogs. It’s literally their job to get dirty. In most grills, they’re simply set in little ledges that you can pull right out for cleaning, which should be done with a bucket and soapy water.


Once this is done, you can wipe grime from the burners themselves. A damp sponge can work if you don’t want to remove the burners, or if removing them is easy, you can use the same methods as the protectors.

Bottom Gunk

After the burners, move to the plates underneath. These pull right out and are easy to clean with the grill brush. Mostly just worry about big chunks here, and scrape any of them into your tray. Finally, clean the tray itself with a mixture of a sponge and scraping.

To learn more about cleaning or maintaining a gas barbecue or any of our other services, speak to the experts at Comfort Solutions today.