Easy Steps to Start a Gas Fireplace

steps start gas fireplace

As we enter the long Utah winter, starting up a fire is a great way to combine warmth and family time around the home. And for homes that operate a modern gas fireplace of any kind, knowing how to turn it on and get it started for a given season or session is one of the most basic needs.

At Comfort Solutions Fireplace, we’re happy to offer a wide range of modern gas fireplaces to clients around Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah, plus assistance with all basic operations for your fireplace. Here are some basic steps for starting and lighting a gas fireplace using the two most common formats – a control panel versus a key.

Starting a Gas Fireplace With a Control Panel

Many of today’s latest gas fireplaces come with a control panel that allows you to easily turn them on and adjust the heat output. Here are the basic steps for turning it on:

  1. Locate the control panel: Depending on your fireplace model, the control panel may be located at different places – some have it on the side of the fireplace, while others may have it hidden behind a door or cover. If you can’t find it, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.
  2. Control knob: Find the knob that has settings for on, off and pilot. The knob may also have different settings for low, medium and high heat.
  3. Turn on the gas: Before you turn the control knob, make sure to open the gas valve that leads to your fireplace. This is usually located near the fireplace wall or on a pipe leading up to it.
  4. Choose your setting: Once you’ve turned on the gas, choose your desired setting on the control knob. If you’re just starting your fireplace for the first time this season, you’ll need to turn it to “Pilot” and then press down on the knob for about 30 seconds to allow air to escape. Then, move it to “On”.
  5. Ignite the pilot light: Depending on your model, there may be a separate button to ignite the pilot light, or you may need to use a match. Once it’s lit, hold down the knob for an additional 30 seconds and then release.
  6. Adjust heat and flame: Finally, you can adjust the temperature and flame height using the control knob according to your preferences.

Starting a Gas Fireplace With a Key

Some gas fireplaces use a key to turn them on and off instead of a control panel. Here’s how it works:

  • Access the metal keyhole near the fireplace, usually on the floor in front of it or on the wall nearby.
  • Insert the key into the keyhole until it locks into place.
  • Ignite a long lighter and place it next to the keyhole.
  • Turn the key counterclockwise to open the gas valve, allowing gas to flow into the fireplace.
  • Once gas is flowing, you can rotate the key in the keyhole – this will adjust flame height.

As you can see, starting and lighting a gas fireplace is quite simple when you have the right tools and knowledge. If you’re in need of further assistance or looking to upgrade your current fireplace, Comfort Solutions Fireplace is here to help. Contact us today for all your gas fireplace needs!

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