Fireplace Style Terminology: Bay, Contemporary, Corner, Modern

fireplace style terminology contemporary

If you’re a homeowner considering a fireplace in the year 2022, you have more options than any generation before you. From traditional fireplace styles that have been updated to stick with the times to contemporary options that bring modern themes and more, there are several different choices at your disposal for a new fireplace in terms of style and aesthetics.

At Comfort Solutions Fireplace, we’re proud to offer a huge range of fireplace options, including both traditional and contemporary styles and every fuel or insert type you can think of. What are some of the various fireplace style terms you’ll want to have an idea of as you’re evaluating your options for a new fireplace? This two-part blog series will go over several, using roughly alphabetical order to keep things simple.

Bay Style

When you hear the term Bay Style for a fireplace, what’s being referenced is a three-sided piece with glass on the front, right and left, typically accompanied by a frame that surrounds the firebox, creating a more traditional appearance for what qualifies as the Bay Style. For many people, this is similar to what they’re used to when it comes to traditional stoves and fireplaces – but with the addition of side glass panels.

Bay style fireplaces are great for larger rooms or areas where you want multiple angles to view the fire from. You don’t have to worry about being too close to the firebox with this style, either, unlike some other options on the market.

Contemporary Fireplace

The term “contemporary” is a broad one used within the realm of fireplace styling to describe various modern and popular styles that are more forward-looking in terms of how your fireplace is designed. You can find contemporary fireplaces with glass doors on the front, which you open to access the firebox, allowing for greater control over your fire.

There’s also contemporary styles that use special types of fuel or inserts that may be different than what you’re used to seeing in traditional fireplaces, such as the electric fireplace that features realistic looking flames that are powered by electricity, eliminating any need for fuel or mess.

Corner Style

As its name suggests, a corner style fireplace is a two-sided item with glass on the front and one additional side, creating an L-shaped look. This type of fireplace is best for corners, but if you have a large enough space to accommodate it, the Corner Style can be used in various other areas around your home as well.

Modern Fireplaces

While modern fireplaces are generally interchangeable with contemporary fireplaces, there’s an even greater emphasis on cutting-edge features and new technologies when it comes to contemporary styles. You’ll find modern fireplaces that are essentially just glass fronts with no surrounding frame, giving you a very minimalistic look for your fireplace design.

For more fireplace style terms to be aware of as you scour the market, or to learn about any of our modern or traditional fireplace options, speak to the staff at Comfort Solutions Fireplace today.

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