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Signs, Causes and Remedies for Low Humidity

You know us best for our custom fireplace services, but at Comfort Solutions, we provide numerous other heating and air services as well. One such service that’s particularly important in a warm, dry Utah summer like the one upcoming: Humidifier services. A humidifier in the home is one of your first lines of defense against

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Safety Tips for Outdoor Fireplaces

At Comfort Solutions, we’re here to provide you and your family with custom fireplace services for any part of your home. For many people, the preferred location for an enclosed fire place might actually be outside. All new fireplaces require a few safety considerations, especially if you have children in the home, and these change

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Steps for Cleaning a Gas BBQ

At Comfort Solutions, we’re your one-stop shop for all new and custom fireplaces. Our wide selection of modern indoor and outdoor fireplaces will fit any needs you and your family might have, and our expert technicians will get them installed with no hassle to you. That’s not all we do, however. Comfort Solutions is also